Our main area of expertise is ceramics but we have an open minded ‘can do’ approach to designing in any material presented to us. We perfect all our shapes using traditional hand modelling skills to ensure that they are carefully considered, resolved and feel as good as they look.

We offer the following skills

Ed modelling renshaw 2
  • Shape design
  • Surface pattern design
  • Design concept sketching
  • Detailed technical drawings
  • Precision hand model making
  • Plaster sledging/profiling
  • Shell models for pressure casting
  • Plaster blocking (Master mould)
  • Plaster and rubber casing
  • Mould making
  • Architectural glass
  • Kiln glass prototyping
  • Production consultation
  • Demonstrations and training
  • Worldwide factory visits
  • Teaching

Over twenty five years of experience ensures that our ideas are easy to manufacture, with all potential production problems designed out at source.

We are able to work from our own fully equipped studio in the UK or at your premises anywhere in the world.

We can negotiate flexible terms to suit your business requirements, working freelance or on a short or long term contract.

We can originate concepts, work to a brief specified by you, or work closely with your own staff to develop their ideas. Whether a design concept is ours or yours the service we offer can be tailored to your exact requirements.